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Services from producer to client

Our services follow the entire supply chain, from harvest to delivery at our client's facilities.

Product harvest

We are involved right from the harvesting phase, providing the following tools:

  • Bins: vast quantities of plastic packaging in a variety of sizes for fruit, both for product commercialisation or third party hire.
  • Trucks: own and logistics partner vehicles:
    • Tautliner and refrigerated lorries for shipment of goods in bins
    • Kippers or Walking Floors for bulk shipments
  • • Collection: we manage different types of product collection and sorting:
    • In BINS with own vehicles, directly in the countryside
    • Direct delivery to our warehouses

Storage and hire

The company is equipped with coldstores used for product conservation, that also available for third party hire. The coldstores are located on both Mezzolombardo and Zevio sites. The fridge group consists of 11 cells, with a total capacity of 2,200 tons.

  • 8 controlled atmosphere cells
  • 3 refrigerated conservation cells


We carefully check the quality of goods to ensure they live up to our clients' qualitative standards. We grant product traceability along the entire supply chain, from production to delivery.



On our own and in collaboration with specialised national and international shipment partners we organise efficient and punctual loads directly from our warehouse, for shipment from our clients based in northern Italy, to all major European destinations.